travel together

We keep trying to make even more exciting to go through Italy, Spain or France. And for sure one of our first ideas was to give people the opportunity to travel in a group of friends.

In a group. It normally happens, especially when you are doing something that weird. Everyone tries to help each other. It is a kind of selection you accept choosing an adventure like The GIRA.

But on top of that, we thought to communities like the Pink Trotters! they organize events, meetings, and happenings for their community! An holiday among people with same interests, reading the same page!
Logo cerchio no ghirigoro

Cute, isn’t it?

If you are thinking you’d love to travel with them (it is a “pink” community), just do that!  here all the details! The Pink trotters will be with us in an electrifying Milan – Catania, scheduled from July 30 to August 7!


We are looking forward!