Freedom on a rickshaw


An adventure on the road

This Italian masterpiece is practically the greatest invention since the helicopter times of Leonardo da Vinci, it was first built as far back as 1948 … 60 years of history! And let’s pray that it can resist at least another 10 days … or at least another 10 hours !! (By the way: the one you’ll be travelling on was produced in India)

If you’re worried you won’t be able to drive it or you’re not familiar with the manual gearbox, we can help you! Before you start the adventure, you’ll have a few hours to get used to driving the legendary Ape Calessino, it’s more or less like driving an old fashioned scooter.

Each rickshaw will be equipped with a WiFi connection – so you can easily share memories of the most incredible journey aboard a tuk-tuk that hever was – and a GPS so all your friends can follow your adventures on the map .

Specifiche tecniche

Petrol engine, Mediterranean summer, typical shape, unforgettable. The one you are driving, any moment could end up being in the MoMA of New York, pop design section! It smells like relaxed spirit, and adventure, even if you’re a mile away (and being honest, it takes ages to run a mile…)

It is the most unfit vehicle to cover these distances. And also the coolest one.



"La dolce vita"

You’ll feel like you're in a Rosselini movie. Or more probably, you’ll end up like Alberto Sordi in front of a huge dish of pasta. Italy as a landscape.
The ones who did theGIRA last year, can remember long roads where they drove singing their hearts out, with joy and a light-hearted spirit!
What are you waiting for? There are no other holidays quite like this!


"La movida"

It’s our first Spanish adventure. We are trembling!
Summer in Spain is no joke: hot, strong sun, miles and miles in the middle of nowhere. But we know that after a turn, we can find the sea. Or a moresque village. Or who knows, ehm, let’s say for sure, tapas y sangria waiting for us!
Yes, it will be unforgettable!


"La belle vue"

What we know for sure is that Napoleon did it. He conquered France.
Therefore we can manage as well!
We selected two routes that will let us see the whole Country: the Loira’s Castles, or the Champagne. With some glasses of Bordeaux. And the Ville Lumiere so close.
Liberté, égalité, theGirité!