Driving licence

You must have a valid Driving licence which allows you to either ride a Motorcycle (at least category A1) and/or a Car (category B), (see Article 4- DIRECTIVE 2006/126/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 20 December 2006 on driving licences). Furthermore, we require you to be at least 18 to drive this awesome vehicle! If you do not have an EU driving licence, we strongly recommend that you have an International Driving Permit issued, which makes it easy to prove the correspondence of your licence with EU licences.

Should you get stopped by the police, you won’t be “sweating bullets” if you’ve got your paperwork in order!


Sunny roads

just like everywhere else, there are different types of roads in Italy: from big multi-lane highways to small and winding gravel country roads. The one you’ve probably heard of is our real roman heritage: The Autostrada (or Autostrade, in the plural). A great highway network, and it’s probably the fastest way to get from A to B in Italy. But not for you- we strongly suggest you do NOT take the Autostrada. They are shown on green sign: simply avoid them!

It’s more or less the same for Spain and France: avoid highways, be careful and enjoy your journey! hey, don’t forget in Spain and France highways indications are on blue signs…

You will fall in love with our country roads!


Drive safe

The rickshaws have basic coverage insurance, including fire and theft. It is impossible to have full coverage insurance (aka “kasko insurance”) on these three-wheelers: so you will have some more reasons not to be reckless