Who we are


What is TheGIRA?

A journey full of adventure.
An on the road experience you’ll want to tell everyone about! A way to visit places in Italy, Spain or France that you never would have seen.
A fun, once in a lifetime experience : face the journey, the miles, the road to be traveled, and the places to be discovered.

The road will be your journey. We see you off at the point of departure and are there to greet you when you arrive.
In the middle you’ll have a unique experience. No default route. No pampering, no massages, no concierge or room service. Only you, your fellow travelers, and your tuktuk, which will become part of the landscape. With the hope that it doesn’t break down! Even if this is all part of the adventure!


Only you, your fellow travelers, and your 3 seater tuktuk, travelling at breakneck speed even reaching 50 kilometers per hour. But only downhill!

What are you waiting for? TheGIRA is for riders.
Tramps like us, baby we were born to run …

The Gira World

Pride and Fun

Oh one last thing. It’s a unique experience. Going all the way is a matter of honor! And it is for just a few! Lots of adventure and so much fun! It could be our motto! Only the bravest. Only you, your friends or family, and the road!