Brand new Adventures

Sure, we are not in same world that Magellan was going to discover. And we are not pretending to tell you are going to board on the Nina while the Pinta and the Santa Maria are coming in a while. And the Beagle also was fully booked, but probably…

Although it is not like going to have a coffee in the closest Starbucks.

From Barcelona to Seville there are, according to google, at least 1200km. And everybody telling: but are you really sure? and it’s really hot in Seville during July and August… and moreover: it is the first time ever. No man has done it before.

We have been, Francesco and me, there to “test” it. But we were by car. And it is completely different when you are on a tuk tuk.

The same for France. Laurent says it can be done. We fully agree, that’s for sure. But … it is a CHALLENGE!

Countries to go through, discover, taste, love.

And more, think about it: a C-H-A-L-L-E-N-G-E!


p.s. when we tried, we did. And you?

p.s.2: Magellan, nowadays, would have joined one of our trip: every adventurist needs at the end an adventure. Better when it is a GREAT adventure!