Steady, ready, GO!

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

Is there a better way to start this blog that with a Shakespearian sonnet? And actually The GIRA is a sunny day!

But first of all let me introduce myself: I am Alberto, and I’ll try to regularly update this blog to keep you posted on crazy the GIRA adventures, and when required, to give you the relevant news.

As you have noticed, my English is awful. I am a native Italian, and unfortunately just learnt English at school … so please be generous! And if you don’t understand or want to report mistakes, please use the comments here below.

But now let’s go to the point: The GIRA started this year as well. And with some big news:

Italy is still there! on the “classical” routes Milan-Amalfi and Milan-Catania. Five or nine days. You won’t regret!

New routes in Spain and France, for brand new adventures. Never ever done before!

We have got also a new website, allowing us to follow in real time what is happening on the social networks and moreover to follow on a map the rickshaws around across Italy, Spain and France!

In principles: a lot of things!

Stay tuned!